I’ve gone Insane!

Really, I have…yesterday I took the Insanity Fit test.
Today I’m waddling like a pregnant lady…pregnant waddlebut I managed to make it through the first workout (Plyometric Cardio Circuits).  I was sweating so much I had to stop and wipe the floor–and I don’t usually sweat.  I took pictures today, and if I really truly stick with this I’ll post it with an after picture at the end!


Looking back and looking ahead…

With 99 days until Christmas (yes, I’ve been shopping for months now) I’ve started to look back on this year.  Things started off really well with The Polar Dash 5k, Get Lucky 21k (a PR!) and my first ever marathon.  After that I started to get burned out.  I muddled through the Chicago Women Half with my aunt and cousin and then I pretty much stopped training.  I recently completed the Women Rock with some really awesome ladies (recap to come soon) and I had a lot of fun, it made me miss running.

After Women Rock I did a lot of thinking about where I want to go and what I’m doing in the next year and I think I came up with a plan!  I’m done with anything greater than a 10k until next years women rock.
Now, I am doing a half in October (Monster Dash), but it’s mainly for fun and so I can rock the costume contest with Jana!  I’m also signed up for two fun runs this fall–  Boyceville Light Em’ Up 5k and the Biggest Loser 5k (Eau Claire).  Which I’m really excited for.  I’m hoping for a PR at the Biggest Loser run.

My focus for the first half of 2014 is to have fun!  I’m going to do Team Ortho’s Polar Dash 5k and the Get Lucky 7k as well as Frontrunner’s Yukon Days (either the 3 mile or the snowshoe race–except I don’t have snowshoes yet….).  And that’s it.  Between January and May I’m only have 3 races planned.  I’m not saying that’s all I’m doing, because I might pick up some smaller 5k’s or even venture into a  Du or two, but I’m oddly excited to not be so scheduled!


In June I’m planning on doing the Minneapolis Marathon Relay and then picking up my training for Women Rock Half with my lovely ladies again.

I’m also toying with the idea of Twin Cities Marathon in 2014.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be a marathoner, but I do know I want to do TCM at least once in my life.

ClickHandler.ashxSo there it is folks, my plan to fall in love with running all over again!


Buyer Beware

On Friday my friend, Jana, and I were signed up to run The Rave Run in Shakopee, MN.  It was a disaster right from the start.
We both bought through living social.  The email we were sent looked like a confirmation email (especially when viewing it from a mobile device), when in reality you had to take a code from the bottom of the email and register it through the races website.  When I went to pick up our race packets, we realized Jana never did that.  The Rave Run staff at pickup were really rude.  They allowed Jana to have a bib so she could run, but she didn’t receive anything else she paid for (glo glasses and t-shirt)–actually, there were no glo glasses at pickup so I didn’t get them either.

We got an email saying the gates open at 630 and the run starts at 9.  The email said we should get there early.  We left my house at 715 thinking we’d be at Valleyfair at 745–an hour and 15 minutes early.  WRONG.  When we got within a few miles of Valleyfair traffic just stopped on the highway.  We sat there for an hour before I turned down a side street and we parked a mile away.  (I really wasn’t upset about parking a mile away since they had cut the run from a 5k to 2.5 miles)

Jana and I walked to the entrance of Valleyfair and we were searching for the starting line–it was pure chaos.  There were no signs, if there were people directing people we didn’t see them.  We left the run at that point.  Yes, that’s right, we didn’t even run.

Turns out 10,000 people signed up to run.  Yup, that’s right– ten THOUSAND people.  I’ve read mixed reviews on the run itself–basically what I’m getting from the reviews is that it was an average run with warm water at the end.  If you didn’t buy a groupon/living social deal you got screwed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people didn’t have fun, I’m saying the people who had fun had fun because of the people they were with, not because of the rave run itself.

This run may have been cool if they had more people directing traffic and signs to let people know where to go.  oh, and if they weren’t money hungry and had capped the run at an acceptable number for the venue.

I’ve done similar runs like this (Color Run and Glo Run to be specific).  I liked the idea of the color run, and it was well organized.  The Glo Run was a disappointment, but at least their staff was friendly.  I went on facebook to check out the Rave Run before I signed up and saw they had pretty good reviews–now I know better.  After the run there were tons and tons of complaints–The Rave Run cleaned up their page and took down almost all negative complaints, posted a few good pictures, and blocked anyone who disliked the event.  Any company who can’t handle complaints without being sneaky is up to no good in my opinion.

In the end I’m glad we cut out early and headed to McDonalds for some tasty frozen lemonade.  The reviews on facebook, before they were deleted, said some people were waiting two hours to get out of the parking lot.  YIKES!  what a mess.  I think it’s safe to say, I won’t be doing any of these gimmick runs again.  I will be sticking to local, reputable, companies that have a real phone number and real people answering the phone– (Companies like Team Ortho, Front Runner, Final Stretch, and Twin Cities in Motion)

It’s Been a While

I’m not the type of person that can get on my blog and just write.  I tend to use my blog as a training log.  I know that most people will never read this, and those that do will probably skip right over it-and I’m ok with that.  I started this for me to track my journey into a healthier lifestyle.  With that being said, I see I haven’t posted since week 7 so here are my weeks 8, 9, 10 & 11.  You’ll see that not all my runs are runs.  Sometimes I walked, sometimes I biked, sometimes I was playing candy crush.  I’m working at finding my motivation and I’m looking forward to a nice slow 8 mile run tomorrow with one of my friends (fingers crossed we don’t get anymore snow!)

Week 11, Day 4

15.14 mi 03:22 13:21 pace

so that was pretty much the worst run ever. It started out hot as hell and went down hill from there–all my splits were slow and i find I lack motivation when I’m running by myself. I started cramping in my legs so bad I decided to cut my last two miles and go home and have some Gatorade.

1 11:47.7
2 12:03.1
3 12:24.3
4 14:01.6
5 13:13.3
6 13:28.8
7 12:39.2
8 15:00.6
9 13:12.5
10 13:24.1
11 14:38.0
12 13:37.4
13 14:54.3
14 15:44.0
15 16:55.8
16 2:19.0 (0.14)

Feels like 79°
15 mph S wind
Humidity 32%

Week 11, Day 3

5.44 mi 00:59 10:49 pace

1 11:09.2
2 10:53.5
3 11:26.0
4 10:53.7
5 11:00.8
6 4:43.9 0.44

Feels like 61°
11 mph SSW wind
Humidity 45%

Week 11, Day 2

4.91 mi 01:20 16:22 pace

Decided to go for a walk with Brian and we ended up at the zoo/conservatory. Looked at the flowers, seals, polar bears and had lunch! Not the run I was planning, but it was fun!

Week 11, Day 1

8.33 mi 01:39 11:55 pace

1 12:00
2 12:17
3 11:37
4 12:45
5 13:10
6 12:21
7 12:51
8 12:48
9 11:31 (0.34)

Feels like 38°
5 mph ENE wind
Humidity 65%

Week 10, Day 3 and 4

These runs didn’t happen.  Sometimes life happens.  Between the kiddos, school work, weather, and my knee bothering me I missed out on 2 runs that totaled 24 miles.  I think you need to know when to lay on the couch and watch The Voice and when to push through-this week was a lay on the couch kind of week.

Week 10, Day 2

4.14 mi 00:45 10:48 pace

The treadmill sucks. I cut my run a mile short because of the weather (i got here late thanks to all the shitty drivers out there)

Week 10, Day 1

5 mi 00:53 10:36 pace

1 9:56
2 10:42
3 11:13
4 11:23
5 11:27

Feels like 33°
6 mph NW wind
Humidity 65%

Week 9, Day 4

16.66 mi 03:30 12:37 pace

I felt pretty good on this run. It was slow going with the snow and slush, but I got it done. At mile 11 an eagle swooped down right in front of me and landed in a nearby tree. I took that as a sign I should stop and take pictures. 🙂 My last 3 miles were painful (my knees), I’m thinking it was just a change in stride from all the snow–at least that’s what I hope it is.

1 12:27
2 12:08
3 11:48
4 11:48
5 11:45
6 13:50
7 13:00
8 12:28
9 13:06
10 13:17
11 13:33
12 12:59
13 13:20
14 13:47
15 13:59
16 15:20
17 9:54 (0.66 mile)

Feels like 23°
5 mph N wind
Humidity 86%

Week 9, Day 2 and 3

Biking:  10.04 mi 00:36 16.9mph pace

The top of my foot hurts again, so I combined today and tomorrows run into a bike ride. Tomorrow I’ll do some Pilates or Ripped in 30 so I can rest my foot for my long run on Friday.


Week 9, Day 1

7.35 mi 01:22 11:11 pace

1 11:10
2 11:40
3 11:18
4 11:21
5 10:59
6 10:35
7 12:23

Feels like 28°
10 mph N wind
Humidity 87%


Week 8, Day 3

Chocoholic Frolic 10 k

6.33 mi 01:26 13:37 pace

1 12:11
2 14:14
3 13:17
4 14:03
5 14:18
6 13:43

Feels like 36°
12 mph SE wind
Humidity 61%

Week 8, Day 2

14.56 mi 02:58 12:14 pace

So this run was alright. I started off super excited for my longest run (to date). My first mile was slow–we’ll call that my warm up mile.
My posted time is my moving time–my total time was 3:06:34, but like I’ve said before, I don’t think I should be penalized for things like red lights, bad drivers, dogs that are terrorizing me, and the loooooooooooongest train ever.

1 13:33
2 12:13
3 11:48
4 12:29
5 12:59
6 13:06
7 12:10
8 12:18
9 12:37
10 12:39
11 12:08
12 12:54
13 12:58
14 14:53

Feels like 40°
9 mph NW wind
Humidity 61%

Week 8, Day 1

I took the day off from running, and walked.

3.87 mi 01:10 17:58 pace

Feels like 27°
8 mph SE wind
Humidity 55%
I’m really ready for it to warm up more so we can get our bikes out!


When I’m running I think about my kids, my mom, my dad, and my besties.  Sometimes though I have to just find the strength in me to get a run done.  Last week I was in mile 11 of a 16 mile run (my longest to date).  I was tired, out of water, and my knee was starting to hurt.  I really wanted to just turn around and go home, but that would cut my 16 miles down to about 14.5.  I was wavering on what to do until a bald eagle swooped down in front of me and landed in a nearby tree.  I took a few minutes to stop and watch him as he watched me, and then I carried on and finished my 16 miles (16.66 to be exact–I was never good at directions).