Week 1, Day 2

Thursday 2/14/13 (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Week 1, Day 2

4 miles in 48 minutes

snow and ice in spots, wet and sloppy in other spots.

Mile 1: mostly snow, wet at the cross streets.

Mile 2: I struggled with this mile, the snow at the cross streets was piled knee high, I wish people would carve out a path when they shoveled. I ran in the road a lot, but then cars would come by and I didn’t want to get sprayed. I decided it would be better to slow down and trudge through the snow on the sidewalks.

Mile 3: I was going to do an out and back, but decided to switch over from one road to another and found it to be much more clear–people on this street must have snowblowers!

Mile 4: I ran on the road a lot, when I got to the main road (at mile 3.5) I switched back to the sidewalk, and in doing so I ended up putting my foot through a thin layer of ice and soaking my foot in a freezing cold puddle. With a quarter mile left to go I got my other foot. BRRRR!

Overall a good run, a little slower then I’m hoping for, but with this weather-I’ll take it.


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