Week 2, Day 2

Thursday 2/21/13

4.12 mi 00:46 11:15 pace

I felt so good out there today. I started out kind of annoyed at myself because I didn’t charge my ipod, but once I got going, I didn’t even miss it–CRAZY?!?!?! I actually think I may have been faster today without it. Maybe my choice in music is slowing me down.
My splits:
1 11:14.1
2 11:07.5
3 11:14.9
4 12:10.7

That 12:11 happened because some yahoo doesn’t know what salt is and I biffed it on the sidewalk–and the lady was standing in the window watching me too. Probably a good thing she didn’t come out to check on me. Seriously people, it’s not that hard to put some salt, sand, or kitty litter down. GRRRRR.

Overall though, this was a great run for me.

Feels like 14°
4 mph E wind
Humidity 61%


2 thoughts on “Week 2, Day 2

    • I never used to run with music, because I thought it was unsafe–but in the last year since I’ve gotten back into running I’ve found it easier to run and stay motivated with it. I keep the volume down low so I can hear of any cars or people approach, but occasionally I’m still surprised when someone runs past me. I’m looking into getting the ones by Far End Gear that are made with only 1 ear bud.

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