Week 2, Day 3

Friday 2/22/13

This was my long run for the week and it sucked.  There is no nice way to put it.  I was slow, the snow was deep with ice underneath it.  I’m grumpy today and this run didn’t help–I’m tired of the snow, ice, wind, and cold.  I’m ready for it to be warm enough that I can throw on shorts and a shirt and go outside.  The one plus to this run was that before I headed out I checked my facebook and someone mentioned hearing birds–so today I (purposefully) went out without my ipod and sure enough, BIRDS!  I heard the birds–surely that is a sign that spring is really right around the corner, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!?

1    13:51.0
2    12:49.8
3    12:58.5
4    13:49.4
5    13:28.0
6    15:35.8

My first and last miles were all on snow covered sidewalk.  My middle miles were on the semi plowed path around the lake.snow

shoe in snow
Feels like 17°
7 mph NNE wind
Humidity 80%


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