Week 3, Day 1

Wednesday 2/27/13

This should be the 2nd training run for me this week, but life happens I guess. I had a lot of homework this week, plus I got mandated to work an OT shift at work (on overnights, of course, so I slept my day off when I should have been running.)

This run was ok. It was really messy with huge puddles–there are lakes smaller then these puddles.  I haven’t been feeling well, and I had to make myself get out the door.  Overall it was a good run, and once I got started I felt great.  I just went and ran around the lake.  I’m trying to add some variety into my runs, but my normal route is so easy to do when it’s a struggle to just get out the door.

I’m super excited for my long run (7 miles) on Friday, I think I may have talked a friend into running with me!

1    11:35.8
2    10:33.8
3    10:52.3
4    11:48.0

Feels like 29°
13 mph N wind
Humidity 56%


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