Week 3, Day 2

Friday 3/1/13

The weather took me by surprise today. After that last few days of warmer weather today was cold and windy.  I made two loops around the lake today-each loop being 3.2 miles.  On my second loop I knew I wasn’t going to be able to avoid the temptation of my car and I’d better hit my 7 miles before the parking lot.  I managed to turn a 3.2 mile loop into 4 miles by running a few minutes, then turning around and going back 30 seconds before turning back around and going forward again.  I’m pretty sure the few people out and about on this gloomy day thought I was nuts–but aren’t they just as nuts since they were out there running/walking too?

I also started working on my nutrition plan today.  I found I’m not a big fan of hammer gel (at least not the flavor I tried–huckleberry) so today I brought along a Vanilla Bean GU.  I managed to get it down around mile 3.5.  The taste was ok, but I’m not sure I can handle the texture of the gels–especially after looking down and seeing someones loogie on the path–YUCK.  Next week on my long run I have some Honey Stinger chews (pink lemonade) to try.  I’m pretty open to trying new products, I have a feeling they all work about the same, but I have a pretty sensitive stomach, so I’m looking for the one that settles the best.  With that being said, in terms of flavor the Vanilla Bean Gu is ahead of Huckleberry hammer gel, but both sat well with my digestive tract.

1 11:23.4
2 11:54.4
3 12:12.8
4 12:34.0
5 11:52.3
6 12:15.1
7 12:24.9

Feels like 17°
10 mph NNE wind
Humidity 68%



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