Week 4, Day 1

Monday 3/4/13

Wow, the first 3 weeks have flown by.  I’m getting super excited for the Get Lucky Half on March 16th and to go to Chicago this summer.

Today was one of those days.  I was running behind getting the kids to school and I forgot my gym bag.  I knew I had to get my run in today because of the snow storm that was coming.   I dropped one kid off at school and took one to grandma.  On my way I realized I had my old running shoes in my car (we don’t call it the hobo-mobile for nothing!) so when I got there I took the opportunity to try out her treadmill.  I’ve been thinking of getting this same one, but the review are hit or miss–you either love it or hate it, so it was good to try it out.  I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and decided it’s worth the money.  I’m going to wait until the fall, but it’s on my list of wants!

snowstormI’m super glad I got my run done, because here’s the snow I woke up to–8+ inches.  Spring, please come fast!


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