Week 4, Days 2 & 3

Friday 3/8/13
8.22 mi 01:35 11:30 pace

1 11:56.0
2 11:43.9
3 11:52.6
4 12:04.1
5 12:02.6
6 11:35.7
7 11:36.7
8 12:08.4

Feels like 22°
9 mph SSE wind
Humidity 69%

This was a good run today.  My only goal was to try and keep my pace steady because I find that I bounce around a lot.  I decided I wanted to stay between 11:45 and 12 minutes–I’m a speed demon I know!  I have no idea what made me pick this number, I’m not very scientific, but I was fairly successful.

This whole run I felt like someone was beside me or behind me.  I looked around a lot, but no one was ever near me (except for when I was getting passed of course).  Later I asked my sister if any of our dead family members would have been running with me.  She told me that our Dad passed away 24 years ago to the day.  I think that was my dad out there running with me–kind of spooky, kind of nice!
I had to stop a lot on this run because I decided to use my hydration belt that I got for Christmas and it SUCKED.  It’s one of those belts with 4 little bottles and a pouch.  I only brought 2 bottles with me and one of them was bouncing the whole time.  It was poking me in the side with each step I took–eventually I turned the bottle around and then it bounced even more-but at least it wasn’t poking me anymore.  I also kept having to stop and take off my shoe.  I think I was getting salt/sand in it–very annoying.

Today I ran to the fair grounds and did some running there.  I like running there, since there is very little traffic.  I hate looking at all the food booths though, makes me hungry for some cheese curds!

I usually try and stay where there are going to be the most people, but people really annoy me sometimes almost all the time. A little vent here– I don’t understand why people:

  • walk side by side with several feet in between them so people behind them can’t pass
  • walk in the middle of the path with their music on so loud when you try to pass you scare the shit out of them and they give you dirty looks–TURN THE MUSIC DOWN and you won’t have to go change your pants!
  • walk towards you head on.  I’m on the right side, you’re on the left– I’m not moving for you.
  • smoke!  Why do people smoke on a path that is full of runners, walkers, and bikers–not to mention kids and dogs?  There are plenty of parking lots, step off the path and go smoke.  There is nothing more irritating to my lungs than sucking in your second hand smoke in the middle of my long run.  ARRRRRG.
Wednesday 3/6/13
5.48 mi 01:00 10:54 pace

1 11:19.2
2 11:04.9
3 11:13.6
4 10:44.2
5 11:34.6

Feels like 19°
7 mph SSE wind
Humidity 63%


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