Guilty (or not)

I am feeling guilty right now… I was due for 5 miles, that I could run on Wednesday, Thursday, or today (Friday).   Of course I waited until today (but I had a ton of homework to do, that was due yesterday).

Did I run today?  Nope, I opted to take a nap instead. I figured since I’m doing over my schedule amount tomorrow I could add a mile on Sunday and still be where I needed to be. I supported this argument by convincing myself that I don’t want to fall on the rain/snow/ice/slush and hurt myself so I can’t run tomorrow.

Actually, I lied.  I don’t feel guilty.  I feel refreshed from my nap and excited for my run tomorrow, even if it’s going to snow (GRRRRRR).

Now I’m off to volunteer with Team Ortho prepping the food bags for tomorrow.  YUM!


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