Week 6

Wednesday 3/20/13, Thursday 3/21/13, Friday 3/22/13

Now that I’m in week 8 of my training schedule, I thought I’d add a little bit about my week 6.  I’m starting to get the blahs.  I love running, but I hate running in cold weather.  I’m supposed to be running 4 days a week, but I’ve been cutting out my shortest run frequently.  Partly because of the weather and partly because of life (school, kids, work, ect.)  I’m really ready to be done with the snow and cold.  This is the worst winter in a long time.

Anyway, week 6 was pretty good.  Like I mentioned above, I did skip a run, but I did other workouts:

Day 1

3.11 mi 00:37 11:55 pace

Slow and easy for my first run after the Get Lucky Half. I’m actually not sore, but it was FREEZING cold out and my face was frozen. I cut my run short by a mile, but I’ll make that up on Friday when I run at the gym.

1 11:56.5
2 12:22.7
3 12:54.1

Feels like -6°
14 mph WNW wind
Humidity 56%

Day 2

11.27 mi 02:18 12:12 pace

1 12:05.0
2 12:49.5
3 12:39.7
4 12:54.6
5 12:19.4
6 12:55.6
7 12:20.6
8 12:52.0
9 12:27.9
10 12:28.6
11 12:38.4

Feels like 19°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 49%

Day 3

3.68 mi 00:47 12:48 pace

This run sucked. The top of my foot hurts when I run, so I walked a lot. I’m going to rest it over the weekend.  In addition to my crummy run though, I did my 21k bike for the Run with Jess virtual Jelly Bean race and I rowed a mile on the rowing machine.



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