Week 7

Tuesday 3/26/13, Friday 3/29/13, Saturday 3/30/13

Day 1

4.09 mi 00:47 11:22 pace

I was tired on this run.  Not from running, but from actually setting my alarm and making myself not hit snooze 10 time.  I’m not made to get up that early, yikes!  Overall it was a good run.  I’m starting to get bored with the 4 and 5 mile runs.  It isn’t short enough for me to be a quick loop around the lake, but yet it isn’t long enough for me to go WOW!  look what I did!

1 11:07.6
2 11:57.0
3 11:15.5

Feels like 28°
4 mph NW wind
Humidity 69%

Day 2

6.05 mi 01:21 13:21 pace

Feels like 45°
8 mph SSE wind
Humidity 57%

It was windy and sure didn’t feel 48 out. I ran the first 3 with Katie for the Jelly Bean virtual 5K and ran the other three solo–I got passed by an old guy running in jeans–but it’s ok since yesterday I had the stomach flu.


Not the best picture (the sun was in my eyes) but it will do!

Day 3

12.01 mi 02:35 12:53 pace

Worst run ever. I really struggled to get this done. I paid no attention to the Garmin and I ran when I could and walked when I needed to. The next time I have the stomach flu on a Thursday someone please remind me not to do 6 miles on Friday and 12 on Saturday. I felt like I was running so fast, but really I was barely running at all. Taking tomorrow off and hoping for a better week starting on Monday!
I did enjoy seeing a male blue jay and the Easter bunny though!!!

1 12:33.0
2 12:47.0
3 13:18.4
4 13:06.9
5 13:50.6
6 13:21.2
7 13:48.9
8 13:27.0
9 12:27.4
10 14:30.4
11 14:26.2
12 14:47.4





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