Get Lucky Half

Holy Buckets, this run was awesome!  OK, the weather sucked and the course was icy in spots, but I was awesome. (Sometimes it’s ok to toot your own horn)

On Friday evening I went to the Team Ortho Warehouse and helped fill thousands of post race goody bags with snacks. foodWhen I got done volunteering I walked outside and saw snow.  Lots of snow.  I knew it was going to snow, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I was still shocked.  I was really hoping this was one of those many times the weather man was wrong.

I got my race outfit together and planned to go to bed early–that didn’t happen! I was running around all evening trying to figure out what to wear since the weather had changed a lot since I had originally picked out this outfit.  Right before bed I realized I was out of peanut butter (my pre race breakfast is always toast with peanut butter), but luckily Brian picked some up for me on his way home from work.raceday When I woke up it was pretty cold out–colder than I anticipated.  I put on my race outfit and grabbed a few extra layers to throw in the car.  After breakfast I headed out.  When I got near the Ford plant traffic just stopped.  Holy cow, I felt like it took forever to get into the lot since people were blocking the intersection I had to sit through 3 lights before I got to turn (mini rant–What is wrong with people?  Why must you block the intersection–just because you have a green light doesn’t mean you get to go!  What if there had been an emergency vehicle trying to get through?—ok, rant over)

Once I got parked I sat in my car and debated about my outfit.  In the end I took off my super sweet shirt that I had ordered for the run and put on a fleece instead.  Overall, I’m happy with this decision.  I was cool to start with, but was mostly comfortable through out the race.

The race itself started on time and I got across the starting line pretty quickly.  Not like the 7K runners over in Minneapolis that had to wait for 30+ minutes.  I started between the 2:20:00 and 2:25:00 pacers with a goal of sub 2:40:00 and a stretch goal of sub 2:30:00.  I felt really good the first half, but the course had way more hills than I was anticipating.  The turn around was a little icy, but they had people there letting you know before hand, so I slowed down and made it through without falling!  At mile 7 I knew I was on track for an amazing PR–even though it was pretty slushy/icy for mile 6 and 7.

I really don’t remember a lot about the middle of the run.  I know I took a hammer gel around mile 4.  I know around mile 9 I felt like throwing up, but then I saw the camera man so I smiled my way through it.5I saw the 2:20:00 pacers ahead of me, but I just didn’t have it in my catch them.  In fact, I stopped and walked for about 30 seconds around mile 11, I think.  Then I yelled at myself and told myself to stop being a wuss.  (I may or may not have said this out loud, I don’t really remember).

Finally I came to the straight away and saw the finish line.  I picked it up the best I could and tried to smile for those finish line cameras.  My lips were frozen though and it looks more like a grimace.

6 2

My official chip time was 2:23:04!


Overall, I give this run a 8.5/10.  Team Ortho races are always fun.  I liked: the hoodie, the close parking, the post race goody bag, the amount of people.
I didn’t like: That the medal didn’t say 21K on it (the lanyard did though).  Paying for parking–I don’t mind paying for parking when it’s in a ramp, but I felt cheated paying for parking in an otherwise empty lot (unless of course team ortho was renting the lot, then I would be ok with it).

1 10:51.1
2 10:24.1
3 10:23.1
4 10:16.5
5 10:47.9
6 10:31.2
7 10:37.7
8 10:38.1
9 11:03.7
10 11:07.2
11 11:42.4
12 11:32.5
13 11:14.1

Min Elevation: 699 ft
Max Elevation: 825 ft

Feels like 5°
8 mph N wind
Humidity 79%


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