Minneapolis Marathon

My first marathon and it feels great to be done! The first 10 or so miles flew by.

I got to see Brian at miles 8.5 and 10.5. He even remembered to bring the camera (or I might have left it on top of his car key, so he couldn’t forget it)


Miles 12 and 13 sucked because I was running past the finish line as a lot of people were finishing the half. Everyone kept yelling you’re almost there–lol.

We had a HUGE hill around mile 14–since I only drove the first half of the course I was a little shocked, but I got to go down that hill around mile 25, so in the end it was worth it. At this point I was still on track to have a 5:15 finish!

I made it up the hill and then was hit with a really bad stomach ache. I had planned on taking my gu at mile 15, but I decided to hold off. I tried to take some powerade at the next stop but it made my stomach hurt again. After that I skipped the water stops unless I needed to rinse my mouth out. Without water and my planned gels, I lost a lot of energy, but I went on the best I could.

After the turn around at mile 19.55 I was running near some runners doing intervals. I attempted to run/walk with them, but we just kept leap frogging each other.  Eventually 1 fell behind me and two ended up in front.
When I got to mile 24 or 25 my toenails started hurting. Yes, that’s right, my toenails. I really thought I had lost one or two, but they are still intact! At that point I could hear the finish line announcer. I went up one last small hill and rounded the corner. I saw Brian there taking my picture and then I hit the straight away to cross the finish line. I wanted to cry I was so happy, but I didn’t want ruin my makeup–haha just kidding, I didn’t want to be crying in my finish line photos so I held it in.

26.1 601940_10151377749536525_1509549418_n
I got my medal and grabbed some bananas. I was sooo hungry since I had not eaten during the run. After that I met up with Katy for a few pictures, then we walked to the car (the looooongest walk ever)


I loved the first half of the course for the views of the city and the spectators. The 2nd half of the run wasn’t nearly as much fun. There weren’t a lot of runners doing the full, and so there weren’t a lot of spectators, but I loved the location of it and being along the river. Overall I think this was a great course and I’d do this run again.

One thing I didn’t like was that the course marshals weren’t assertive enough to tell the bikers to get off the road and onto the bike path.  I know I’m slow, and I know that when I’m running by myself far behind the average runner and “the pack” that there is plenty of room on the road, but it’s a matter of principle.  I’m working just as hard (if not harder) for 5 and a half hours and I deserve the same respect that the faster runners get.

84_SRS8hB6Mszkf_f5nvQB3GIh_MG9m4lwwjvwPAHiQ SZSBfopk35vRFHb7Mrw1foXydBg9gQOa79ENYtfbl8M

1 11:32
2 11:36
3 11:14
4 11:09
5 11:48
6 11:17
7 11:46
8 11:39
9 11:50
10 12:21
11 12:01
12 11:56
13 11:45
14 11:48
15 12:36
16 12:30
17 13:41
18 13:47
19 14:00
20 13:07
21 13:22
22 13:03
23 13:41
24 13:47
25 13:06
26 12:56
27 3:50 (0.31)

Starting Weather:
Feels like 46°
10 mph N wind
Humidity 71%


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