Monster Dash 10 Mile

Another great Team Ortho run!

I was hoping to run the half, but it wasn’t in my budget.  I volunteer with Team Ortho before every race and I earn “bones” (aka points) for each hour I work.  I can turn the bones in for gear and race entries.  When it came time to register I only had enough bones for the 10 mile, so that’s what I went with.

For weeks before the run I tried to come up with a costume.  I finally decided to be Waldo (Where’s Waldo), but the day before I decided that was too easy.  I made a walmart run and picked up a cheap pair of sweat pants and rolls of crepe paper.  I got home and went to work.  6 hours later my costume was complete:

pinataThis is it about 2 hours before completion. I added more layers to it.

Everyone kept cheering for me and yelling out PINATA! It was awesome. I think I would have won the contest, but I chose to stay at home and warm instead of going early to get judged.  Looking back I wish I had sucked it up and gone to the contest because the winner really wasn’t original (yes, this is me pouting and tooting my own horn).  This just gives me incentive for the 2013 Monster Dash–watch out St. Paul, my costume is going to rock!

monster5The run itself was awesome.  I loved the course and seeing people in their costumes made the miles fly by.  Before I knew it the split for the 10 mile finish was upon me.  I was getting hot and sweaty near the end (you’d be shocked at how much hot glue and paper can weigh) and at mile 9.5 I pulled on my hat to adjust it and broke one off.

My only complaint about this run is that we had to be bused from the 10 mile finish to the half finish for the post race party (which I didn’t attend, but had to get to so I could catch my ride home).  Taking the bus itself wasn’t an issue, but the lines weren’t clearly marked and a lot of people were cutting in line.

monster4 finisher




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