Polar Dash 2013

It was super cold on race day.  We all met at my house and Emmy volunteered to drive to the race.  We took forever trying to find a place to park since the prepay lot filled up before we reserved a spot.  After we finally parked we walked to the starting line.  Emmy and Jana laughed at me because I had dressed lightly, knowing I would warm up when we started running.  To supplement my outfit I work a garbage bag before and after the run.

Overall the run was good.  It was a zoo at the start and Jana broke away from Emmy and I within the first quarter mile.  Since they was Emmy’s first race ever we decided to run together.  The course was a little deceiving, I got to what I thought was the turn around and then realized we still had to go up THE HILL, before the actual turnaround.  Emmy and I huffed and puffed and finally got up the hill.  We saw Jana as she was on her way back.  We got passed by an 8 year old and I went a little “Jillian” on Emmy as we neared the end.

We crossed the finish line, got our medals, grabbed our hot chocolate and took a few pictures before we left.

Jana, Emmy, and I after the Polar Dash.

Jana, Emmy, and I after the Polar Dash.


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