The Glo Run

The Glo Run–this is a run I was so super excited for, but in the end I was just glad to get home.  I went to packet pickup the day before and got my shirt and packet.  I picked up for Jana and Katie too.

On the day of the run I realized I had locked all our glow sticks in my car and didn’t have my keys.  We tried to find a walmart on the way to the run, but we didn’t find one (walmarts are everywhere, how could we not find one?!?!)

We finally made it to the school so we could park and ride the shuttle to the start.  When we got to the start I was able to get some extra glow necklaces from the registration booth!  YAY!

gloIt started to get really crowded and dark, of course.  Finally, it was time to start.  The starting line was way too narrow.  We were crammed in there like sardines.  The first part of the run was an out and back.  The out was ok, but the back was on the road in a lane closed to traffic.  That was a stupid idea in my opinion.  There were still cars out there with us runners.  I know we were all glowing, but still.  Eventually we got back on the trail to go around the lake.  And I’ll add here, the lake stunk.  Literally.  It smelled so bad at times I wanted to gag.

At this point, Jana had gone ahead of me and Katie.  I was so super sore from running the Women Rock that morning, that after the first mile there was no more running from me–I was barely walking.  Katie walked with me the rest of the course.  There were spots that were lit up (one section had strobe lights and another area had a tent we went through with lots of lights).  preglo

We finally made our way to the start/finish area and met up with Jana.  We stood around and watched people dance for a bit, and then we realized there was no beer or anything good so we got back on the bus to get to our car.  From there we headed to Wendy’s.

If I had to say I learned one thing from this run it would be: Wear a blind fold when Jana is driving!


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