Week 7

Tuesday 3/26/13, Friday 3/29/13, Saturday 3/30/13

Day 1

4.09 mi 00:47 11:22 pace

I was tired on this run.  Not from running, but from actually setting my alarm and making myself not hit snooze 10 time.  I’m not made to get up that early, yikes!  Overall it was a good run.  I’m starting to get bored with the 4 and 5 mile runs.  It isn’t short enough for me to be a quick loop around the lake, but yet it isn’t long enough for me to go WOW!  look what I did!

1 11:07.6
2 11:57.0
3 11:15.5

Feels like 28°
4 mph NW wind
Humidity 69%

Day 2

6.05 mi 01:21 13:21 pace

Feels like 45°
8 mph SSE wind
Humidity 57%

It was windy and sure didn’t feel 48 out. I ran the first 3 with Katie for the Jelly Bean virtual 5K and ran the other three solo–I got passed by an old guy running in jeans–but it’s ok since yesterday I had the stomach flu.


Not the best picture (the sun was in my eyes) but it will do!

Day 3

12.01 mi 02:35 12:53 pace

Worst run ever. I really struggled to get this done. I paid no attention to the Garmin and I ran when I could and walked when I needed to. The next time I have the stomach flu on a Thursday someone please remind me not to do 6 miles on Friday and 12 on Saturday. I felt like I was running so fast, but really I was barely running at all. Taking tomorrow off and hoping for a better week starting on Monday!
I did enjoy seeing a male blue jay and the Easter bunny though!!!

1 12:33.0
2 12:47.0
3 13:18.4
4 13:06.9
5 13:50.6
6 13:21.2
7 13:48.9
8 13:27.0
9 12:27.4
10 14:30.4
11 14:26.2
12 14:47.4





Week 6

Wednesday 3/20/13, Thursday 3/21/13, Friday 3/22/13

Now that I’m in week 8 of my training schedule, I thought I’d add a little bit about my week 6.  I’m starting to get the blahs.  I love running, but I hate running in cold weather.  I’m supposed to be running 4 days a week, but I’ve been cutting out my shortest run frequently.  Partly because of the weather and partly because of life (school, kids, work, ect.)  I’m really ready to be done with the snow and cold.  This is the worst winter in a long time.

Anyway, week 6 was pretty good.  Like I mentioned above, I did skip a run, but I did other workouts:

Day 1

3.11 mi 00:37 11:55 pace

Slow and easy for my first run after the Get Lucky Half. I’m actually not sore, but it was FREEZING cold out and my face was frozen. I cut my run short by a mile, but I’ll make that up on Friday when I run at the gym.

1 11:56.5
2 12:22.7
3 12:54.1

Feels like -6°
14 mph WNW wind
Humidity 56%

Day 2

11.27 mi 02:18 12:12 pace

1 12:05.0
2 12:49.5
3 12:39.7
4 12:54.6
5 12:19.4
6 12:55.6
7 12:20.6
8 12:52.0
9 12:27.9
10 12:28.6
11 12:38.4

Feels like 19°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 49%

Day 3

3.68 mi 00:47 12:48 pace

This run sucked. The top of my foot hurts when I run, so I walked a lot. I’m going to rest it over the weekend.  In addition to my crummy run though, I did my 21k bike for the Run with Jess virtual Jelly Bean race and I rowed a mile on the rowing machine.


Guilty (or not)

I am feeling guilty right now… I was due for 5 miles, that I could run on Wednesday, Thursday, or today (Friday).   Of course I waited until today (but I had a ton of homework to do, that was due yesterday).

Did I run today?  Nope, I opted to take a nap instead. I figured since I’m doing over my schedule amount tomorrow I could add a mile on Sunday and still be where I needed to be. I supported this argument by convincing myself that I don’t want to fall on the rain/snow/ice/slush and hurt myself so I can’t run tomorrow.

Actually, I lied.  I don’t feel guilty.  I feel refreshed from my nap and excited for my run tomorrow, even if it’s going to snow (GRRRRRR).

Now I’m off to volunteer with Team Ortho prepping the food bags for tomorrow.  YUM!

Week 4, Day 4

Sunday 3/10/13

3.27 mi 00:33 10:09 pace

1 10:21.1
2 10:34.1
3 10:15.7
4 2:38.8

Feels like 25°
12 mph N wind
Humidity 80%

I went out and got it done.  I ran past the ice cream shop to see if it was open, but I was a day early.  That place is going to be the death of me–I’ll have to avoid running in that direction from now on!!! 🙂

I’m addicted…

I realized today that I’ve become addicted to running STUFF.  Stuff of all kinds–watches, clothes, shoes, gel, ect…  I can’t stop going on amazon and looking.  My wishlist is a mile long.  I go on other blogs and read their product reviews too.  I thought I’d share with you about one of my most recent purchases.

Recently I got my first pair of lock laces.  I hate shoe laces–I wish it was the social norm to have Velcro shoes.  My shoes are always untied-that’s a bad thing when you’re running in the upper Midwest in the middle of winter.  Nothing sucks more than having to stop running, take off your mittens and tie your cold frozen shoe laces over and over–I even double knot those buggers and they still come untied.  Maybe it’s karma getting me back for tying peoples shoe laces together when I was younger.  Anyway, back to my lock laces.  I looked online at them several times, then the other day I was driving by Dick’s Sporting Goods and I realized I could buy them there–no waiting for my poor mailman who has been bringing me packages non stop.  I whipped into the parking lot and flew to the shoe section, and there they were–my lock laces!  Now, I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have all the colors, but they had the color I wanted (PINK, of course).  I eventually made my way to the checkout and hurried home to lace up my shoes.  (I have to admit, I watched a youtube video on installing them so I wouldn’t mess it up)  I got them laced up in no time and they are perfect.  I’ve been using them for a week now and I have no complaints–in fact, I’m going to get some for my kids and I’ve been recommending them to the residents were I work.  Lock laces aren’t just for athletes, lock laces are for everyone!  Two thumbs up!